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If you're looking for someone who has an ecletic mix of skills and knowledge then you've come to the right place. My working background started in Catering, moved into Marketing and PR, and was particularly focussed on supportive, organisational and administrative roles, which in turn gave me a good grounding in what it takes to make a small business work and run smoothly.

I ran my own successful Holistic Therapy business for 8 years offering a range of treatments and courses before moving to Brittany in France where I lived with my husband for almost 3 years and where we had our eldest daughter. Living in a foreign country gives you a unique take on life. I learnt to embrace change, integrate into a new culture that was friendly and welcoming and returned to the UK speaking another language.

During my time as a full-time Mum, I furthered my skills and trained in Web Design. Having a passion for words I also embarked on a writing course with the Writers Bureau.

I love writing about life experiences, particularly in the areas of parenting, health, nutrition and eco/conscious living. I am always looking for writing opportunities and would welcome interesting assignments to feed this passion. If you are looking for a writer who is honest, direct and passionate about what she conveys then I'd love to chat further.